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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of The Hong Kong Ophthalmoloigcal Society (HKOS), we give our greatest welcome to you all in joining our 31st Annual Scientific Meeting Hong Kong Ophthalmological Symposium 2019 held in conjunction with Greater Bay Ophthalmology Conference (GBO-ASMHK).

The HKOS is one of the oldest medical organisations in Hong Kong and certainly the oldest ophthalmological organisation consisting of more than 350 members. Since HKOS was formed in 1954, we are committed to uphold a high professional standard of ophthalmic practice and increase public awareness of common and sight threatening eye diseases in our community. It is also our mission to nurture our young generation to be the captain of the eye care team, leading and safeguarding the eye health of Hong Kong citizens.

This year, our 31st Annual Scientific Meeting actualizes these aims by starting the first conjoint conference with The Guangdong Hong Kong Macau Ophthalmologists Alliance ( 粵港澳大灣區眼科醫師聯盟), inviting leading experts from around the world, particularly from Greater Bay area, to address issues related to increasing myopia prevalence around Asia Pacific region. We are very much honoured to have support from local universities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University, to have specific symposiums for delivering cutting edge and in depth ophthalmic information to delegates. Furthermore, we start our first Hong Kong Young Ophthalmologist Symposium, establishing an international platform for future pillars to excel their strengths and promote academic work.

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of HKOS and 25th anniversary of The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong, we incorporate the celebration elements into this year Gala dinner. We hope our guests and speakers, not only can enjoy the numerous tourist attractions of this dynamic city, but also experience our fulfilling history of Hong Kong Ophthalmological Development.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our organizing committee members for your untiring efforts and to all invited speakers for your enlightenments to this year symposium. We thank every delegates here for your coming to make this conference possible and meaningful.

We look forward to seeing you at our first conjoint function with Greater Bay experts and special anniversary year event!

Warmest personal regards,

Dr YIP Pui-pui
President, Hong Kong Ophthalmoloigcal Society